PaperFace installs the finest wall coverings the design world has to offer. From the most delicate designs to the most rugged. Fine silks and fabrics, grass cloths, glass beads, mother of pearl, commercial grade vinyl, fine prints and even materials that are not specifically designed as wallpaper. 
Let's get together and add your special personality to your space.




From East to West coasts, we have installed wallpapers in all styles. Truly making houses feel like home by adding individual style.



We have extensive experience installation in restaurants, office spaces and retail operations.


Custom Designs

Sometimes clients want a complete custom effect where we need to install materials that were not originally designed as wallpaper.

Residential makes up the largest sector of our work. Typically this is where we get to work with the finest of wall coverings. We work many designers and architects or directly with the homeowners.

Gracie Design by Summer Thornton Design

Gracie Design by Summer Thornton Design

I give special attention to this guy for he is forever hidden behind a curtain

I give special attention to this guy for he is forever hidden behind a curtain

Design by Nate Berkus

Design by Nate Berkus

Commercial work is by far where the most creativity comes to play. Most installations are either custom made wall coverings or items not normally made to be pasted to walls or ceilings.

Dental Office Playroom by Summer Thornton Design

Dental Office Playroom by Summer Thornton Design


Let the imagination run free! We can take a hi-res photo and make it into wall coverings or take a simple wallpaper and cut it up to create our own patterns. It doesn't even have to be wallpaper. Give me album or magazine covers, newsprint, posters, maps, wood veneer... Whatever you can imagine, I am up for the challenge!


Sometimes wallpaper is not quite what is needed for a project or it may just not be enough for some. Alternatives such as stenciling, leafing (gold, silver bronze...), gloss finishes and painted stripes or patterns (even on floors) are called for. Others may require some differing wall coverings to be combined or creative ways to terminate them in areas that have no natural break points.